Sunday, August 2, 2020

Why I write , and why should I , when it doesn't get read !

    Why do I write when I am not even sure any one will read what I have written. I am not really sure why this is so. I know I love to write and when I have written something I think is good , I know I want to share it with someone. Do I think what I have written is important ? I am not sure it is important , until someone reads it and says its good , which has happened almost never, yet I keep on writing. When I go back to some of the older things I have written ,then I am really not sure , because of how bad it seems, with no back board to bounce it off of then it just goes and is left there , a pile of letters incorporated into sentences with not a thought of being a thought just words on a page. Still I write and respond myself to myself what is beyond that I have no clue. And still I write and wait for something ? To be noticed , how can one be noticed if you don't pull your pants down and show what you got, its seems just like that you need sex drugs and or rock and roll , and even now rock and roll is not in favor anymore and drugs seem passe. So if you have long legs and a great set of tits your able to get noticed but is your 15 minutes of fame worth it ? I guess if you want to be seen it is , is what I have to say worth me showing my tits, probably not only because I am old and have not got a set of great tits anymore. I want to stop because its depressing not being read and someone anyone who can tell me what I have written has worth, but I can't stop it is an addiction that I like , I write things that I feel need to be said so I keep on writing whether or not any one reads and enjoys or gets pissed or says you suck anything maybe I need to tell something so outrageous that everyone will hate me and read what I have written so they can tell me to go get fucked , but at least I will have been read !   Good bye for now or forever which ever comes first !
                     THE WRITER