Saturday, May 29, 2021

Thoughtful Profile, a troubling sign of what's to come next

       Every time you go out , whether to the grocery store or just to get out of the house and take a drive, ( remember when you were a kid and you parents or parent would just pack you and your siblings, the 2.5 of you and go for a ride, I always got to be in the very back of the Ford Country Squire that had the seats across from each other and you got to stare at people out of the back window ) you see others of the same species namely , Humans . Whether we are doing it on purpose or it is a learned trait we see and we profile. In straight words we make a decision on the that first glance whether we like someone or not. We make a  " Thoughtful Profile ".   There is no denying that we do this , even as children we do this , maybe at that young age we are more thoughtful or just more open to what we see in those others but we do it and at the same time we are being observed by those we observe. I don't thin k that we do anything wrong because what we think we see is what we think we get. We only get what we put into it, that is, if we put ourselves out there and let a friendship happen it will happen but if we look up and set up a wall we will meet a wall. So why does this happen ?  I believe it is a thing that is learned from an early age. We see from that early age with our heart because we have no understanding of anything else until we learn it. What we learn is our truth at the time until we find a bigger better truth to take it place. All the while never really knowing if that truth is the real deal. It is said that all Truth's are self evident but what I have been seeing is that all truth's are now being subjected to scrutiny. Everything is being questioned , which is a good idea if only to find the true source of that particular truth, not truth in general. I will give you an example, Good Manners, saying , please and thank you, your welcome , I appreciate what you have done for me, these simple words are the building blocks of Kindness. Kindness is going out the window while screaming at one another while going 80 m.p.h. weaving in and out of traffic while texting and screaming at the screen because the person on the other end is telling you an untruth. Kindness to one another that is started at a young age grows into caring about others and wanting them to be happy because you are happy, when was the last time you made someone feel happy just because ?  I will always try to be happy for others just because , maybe then they will return the favor and be nice to me or let me in front of them when I am at the four way intersection and it is my turn next but another has already gunned it across , just because. I will always try and give the other person the benefit of the doubt because so many times in the past when I have been wrong someone made fun of me just because and I know now how that feels. Every one is entitled to their opinion especially when you think something other than what that persons opinion is. I try to be this way every day but as we all know , when I look at you the first thing I do is make a " Thoughtful Profile " of what I think you are !