Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Coop Crazy or how I learned to like , The New Non - Chicken, Chicken !

      It most certainly did not draw out over a long period of time. In fact , I can tell you the exact hour and day of August . It was  Saturday the 12th at 6:45 am. and possibly hearing things My day had started much earlier but at 6:45 I thought I was just seeing things. I put the feed bucket down and backed out of the pen not wanting to stop seeing what I thought I was seeing. When I got to the office in the barn I must have had a certain look on my face because Charlie , the morning manager looked at me and said " what ? "  I responded , ' What, what " "your face , what's up with you , you look like you seen a ghost ? " " Well , um, so, okay just go to the pen # 1 and take a look , come back and tell me if you see anything funny or ... hear anything."   " Hear anything ? " He asked , " Just get out there !" I snapped back at him, " just go look...please ." I've known Charlie for more than 30 years and have known that he is a very literal guy so I knew he was quite put off when I asked about hearing something, or course he would hear something , Chickens never shut up. " So go out and see if their all still together , okay."  "Together" he laughed , gave me a look like I might lay an egg , but kept his mouth shut and walked out to the pen. While Charlie headed out to prove I was either Coop Crazy or , well I didn't have an or , yet. I decided before Charlie got back I would call Red. Red and I have known each other going on 60 years plus, we hatched our first chicks together and never looked back. We both have been in the Chicken business for more than 49 years and if anyone knew there was something strange going on with Chickens , it was Red. The phone was still ringing when Charlie showed his face at the door, I now know what the or was. Charlies face was as white as anyone of our eggs , he was looking at me with, Help Me understand this written on his face his eyes were slightly bugging out and he was mumbling something about the fence when I startled by , " HELLO, HELLO are you there, ZIM are you there ! " I never have sworn in my life before but before I realized it I said , " SHIT RED you scared the Shit out of me ." Then I remembered I had called him ! " Yeah its me we got something going on here with the Chickens in pen # 1 ."  YEAH , We do to , but you better turn your set on and check out the news" He hung up ! I didn't even have the time to get an answer to what was the problem over there. Charlie was still mumbling while staring straight out with his buggy eyes when I turned on the set ..." This is station K101 reporting to you from our local source to confirm that all over Europe , Asia , Australia , New Zealand and now in the U.S. , it seems as though every Chicken Ranch , farm large and small , company run and family owned that Chickens are Huddled together and Squaking , not squaking as individual's but as one they are squaking together , Buck, buck , bagack all together all at once.Every Chicken is huddled together , backed up into any corner squaking what is being called words. Yes that is correct , 2 words , in fact so clear the Buck , buck is 2 words. We go now Live to the McCallen Chicken Farm and I can't believe what it is I am seeing. Here is a Live Broadcast , every Chicken is Huddled together, more than 1000 chickens are all huddled together with all of them facing towards us and the Cameras all huddled together with their backs against the fence facing us all together, looking at us looking at them, I swear to you they are really looking at us, straight at us every single one of these 1000 or more Chickens , they are squaking together again and , all in unison , let me turn up my mc so you can hear them ...   " NO MORE " Buck Buck ... " NO MORE " 

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