Wednesday, September 30, 2020

All things are beautiful if looked at through the eyes of a believer !

When we believe , like the simple , unadulterated belief of children , things all around us are beautiful.  Laughter is not only possible but Mandatory !  When crying does erupt , there is always one who will go and hold the crier's hand and wait with them until the crying is all gone and a smile is reaching their heart.Any one who has children or is involved with young children see this happen every day, it is the promise of youth to those who have lost the simple ability to see as a child, the simple beauty  of life and everything that is contained within !   The concept of money owed or borrowed is a page not written yet, yes all to soon it will be an integral part of everyday living but there is no need to snatch that from the Believers of Santa, the Easter Bunny and so much more , when we allow and actually aid in this action we are spreading something Magic that only lasts for an instant in children's lives we are the keepers of that belief and it is up to us to encourage every and all sorts of beliefs that let our children make magic to aid US in our daily lives so that when we look into our child's eyes we can see the magic happening right there on their pretty little faces !   


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