Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sit Down, Shut Up, and keep those Prayers Coming ! Or how I learned to be Anxious and still keep from hitting someone with a Banana Cream Pie.


          So, I am one of those people who abhor the use of Violence. Being Yelled at or much worse, me Yelling at someone ( I have been trying so very hard to become much more Patient and Calm ). I try my very best to be nice to everyone , especially those that have difficulty with me. When I write I take great care to choose my words as carefully as I can and still get my meaning across. Softly, is the word I might use to describe how , when I write the words I use. I know I am just one voice trying to get a message of Love, Patience, Warmth and Caring across through the stories I write. Sometimes a seed that is planted will take hold and grow the most wondrous of Fruits, but something has happened and it makes me thing an outside force is bringing things to a boil. Soft it seems is for weaklings, not a real person would speak soft with thoughts of Love and caring for those other than ourselves. So on that note I will stop ( For Now ) writing soft and will tell it like you think it is ( No , not all of the people I know are thinking this but it needs to be said and those I know the best will know my meaning and know I only want , Love and Understanding ). In writing this I hope I can get my message across , because what I am seeing disturbs me to no end. People are Retreating into themselves , further and further into a safe corner of their own mind and body. When we are driven into a corner , it is never ant good and will end even worse, these are not the problems of just one place , one small corner , No this is something big and it is spreading ( Far Worse than the Corona Virus ) throughout the world, we must not be separated from each  other.                          NOW I SAY !  SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, AND KEEP THOSE  PRAYERS COMING !                              WOW ! Everything in Caps , I must be Yelling !  I am so sorry for that but I must. I am so tired of things being said and done that push us farther apart. I would ask , where has Common Sense gone but that may seem soft, so that is why, Sit Down , Shut Up , and keep those Prayers Coming.                                     With what has been written and what has been taken out of context because it is like the game of phone tag, one person has told the next and by the time it gets to us the message has been forever changed and now no one can believe what is said and being done. I will try to break it down and then let you decide if what I am Yelling is worth all the Yelling !  First, I say, Sit Down. I am really asking not telling, but when you sit down things happen, first you take the burden off of your feet and then start to relax. When you sit , your body knows it is time to take a breath and when you do, it calm's you, when you are calm you can start to see things that maybe you can't when you stand and are erect and stiff. So now you are sitting becoming calm and hopefully open to hear things, because the next thing you hear is, Shut Up ! I know I hate it when someone tells me to Shut Up. So I know it puts up a very big Red Flag even if you are sitting. But you are sitting and by me telling you to Shut Up I am really asking you to take a leap of Faith, yes Faith. I am not your Mother telling you to Shut Up because she can or your teacher in the class where everyone is talking all at once the the last nerve is frayed and breaking so as a last resort , SHUT UP ! No, I am a writer asking you to Stop, you are sitting you are in one place and now I want you to listen , so to that I say Shut Up so maybe you can find a way to help yourself and those with whom you Love and want the best for , which brings me to the very Crux of why I have you sitting and Shutting Up, LOL. Prayer. Yes Prayer !  I am not a Preacher and I hope this being written does not seem to be Preaching but it may so just stay sitting and listen. Prayer works different ways for different people. W@hen you Pray all you are doing is talking and what are you talking about, your fears your difficulties what you want to happen to you and those around you. Yes it is all of those things and much , much more. What you don't know is that Prayer helps and with just a tiny bit of Faith it works even better. Prayer might just be an expression of what is going on in your life and maybe others as well. It is like a Vibration of like thoughts, each person having doubts and fears, it sends out a feeling, like when you are nervous it is relieved somewhat or all together when you talk to someone about it, well it is the same with fear . Fear sends out a signal a Vibration if you will allow that definition , but when you talk it is like a light has been lit and you can see the fear for what it is, the unknown and to Pray is to Light up a path to see our life as it is and mostly it is the need to be wanted or better told, the need to be Loved, Prayer brings that to you only when you Pray with Love in your Heart and thoughts of Peace , Harmony, and the want of those things for others not just yourself. Well now I am all Yelled out and I do hope you can forgive me for being hard instead of soft, but prayer does help and those of us whom pray daily with the thought of others first can tell you that there is peace to be had in Praying. 



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