Thursday, January 21, 2021

These Truths we hold self evident

      What responsibility do we have to each other ? When we look up at another while we are just being ourselves , out and about we see that more and more people do not engage, most of the time unless in very small quarters , people don't even look up at one another. A nod or smile has gone out the window and if asked it is due to the Pandemic. I call , Bull Shit on that. It seems the reason is veried and most complicated, and the Pandemic plays a very little part in this. We have been driven apart by our own Truths, that we , inside of ourselves hold self evident. WE are afraid. If you will excuse my thoughts about Truths , I will say that is where some want us. Being afraid make us not see the whole picture , we only see what it does to us, as individuals, not as neighbors or countrymen or human who live on the same planet. When we see only a small part of anything we can not see Truth. That works perfect for those who wish to control the situation, any situation.                                                                                                            So my responsibility to others is to be as much of myself as I have found to be true through self examination to find my Truths. What I have found is that many of my self truths correspond  to others as well. At my core , our very core the Truths we hold self evident ( if you will excuse the use of that phrase) are connected with everyone else. Family , friends, antiquates , people we will never meet or just pass us by all hold Truths that wee brought by time and what we have seen and heard from others . What is needed is to look at those truths we find when we seek self knowledge through our distractions. Each distraction we see when thinking about self truths are a clue as to how true are Truths are, if we did deep enough into these distractions we will find out for ourselves what we hold most dear, those are our self truths. If after we have examined these Truths for our self and we can bring them out and share them with out shame when looking back on them , then they are self Truths. 

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