Saturday, December 12, 2020

Youth found in Memories , Remembered Sound and the Music of my Life and How it Imitated Art

       As a Youth, I'd often wonder why Music made the Spirit in me , move. As with Art , so to Life. Such certain circumstances , all having things in common, a thread perhaps, a Story more likely. When a story is narrated , the speaker sets the decorations and creates Life. With Art , you must use an imagination to fill those empty shelves with the decorative things of life, if you will forgive the way I refer to , Earthly possessions , saying , Earth, Wind, Fire and Water are mere possessions, an Abstract to be used as a comparison, but seeing as the Earth is finite, we will use Music, because it has an Esoteric life all its own , it is , in itself , Divine and Other Worldly.                                               Now, as I remember, there are certain moments in life that when Music plays, it effects us, it highlights in such an authentic originality that it amplifies each and every tiny moment of said moments. Any situation you place yourself or just plain came by and joined in will be experienced with such a quality of Life, that not only does it Imitate it , it Absorbs it , emulates it, goes beyond the veil of Earthly existence and walks the Corridors of the Astral Divine.                                                                                                          Each sound evokes an Emotion or response of equal perpotion. I have been told that the L.P. , you know a Vinyl Record that plays all your favorites from a particular Band. This particular Band had an Album , Dark Side of the Moon, by Pink Floyd. Now as I was told , you play that Album , Dark Side of the Moon and at the same time you play the movie , Wizard of Oz. Now as I said , each sound evokes an Emotion and most every one has seen the movie and heard at least a small part of the Album ( if not the whole album , more than once LOL ) and they each bring such different memories coming from different places , like where you were m what you were doing, that is a thing that has a fixed point to each separate thing. The fixed point is your own thoughts, so when you hear or see a thing that has brought you such pleasure through sight and sound and bring them together for a first time you have created a synchronicity and that is a wonderful exploration of a mind that was fixed in one point and now brought together with another fixed point.                                                                                                                    I have been visiting that point lately. No, not with the Dark Side of the Moon and the Wizard of Oz ( that might just blow , whats left to this poor mind ! ) At certain times the noises in my head retreat and only one remains. When that happens I can go into the TV room and turn the Surround Sound all the way up and experience what until now has been , me watching the closed caption and missing the show, but at least I know the plot , if not the characters. The memories are as real as the sound that I can hear. You haven't heard Music until you have no hearing except for the brain music you can remember, then all at once , it comes back like a flood , both the experience of hearing what I knew I had heard so long ago and now hearing it again , that Music, and once again going to that fixed point in space and time , like in a blink of an eye and not even high , but I will try and suffice it to say that Music Hath Charms to Sooth a Savage Breast , Entice a wandering eye, exhibit strange and beautiful behavior and turn a Cold Stone Heart into a Melted Ore. 

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