Monday, January 6, 2020

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  • John Sarno updated his status.
    Aug 31, 2009, 2:52 PM
    winds blow, children cry, shutters slam on abandoned buildings. winds cry, children listen while empty houses shudder. children shudder while the wind blows through their empty crying.
  • John Sarno updated his status.
    if finding means looking and looking means curiosity and curiosity killed the cat i guess i'm glad i have only one life and not nine , because i'd hate to be killed just for being curious
  • John Sarno updated his status.
    bright sunlight burns,where its light settles on the road. etching waves like a rushing tide,not along the horizen towards the shallows, but skyward towards the everlasting heavens.
  • John Sarno updated his status.
    broad days that shine,sheltered inside the day cannot be. shining against eyes ,the blurred vision of life is present,catching a glimpse takes only a glance, but looking slows. long, slow warm summer days lead to peace, winters cold embrace ,is only to close

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