Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Special Post Almost half, then the other half, why ? Copying and Pasting, " See More " does it ?

  • I always wondered what I would do if my significant other told me to eat this. Is it okay to eat, I would ask, oh yes, it's just that the lord asked us not to eat that certain one, I don't know why. Now me, being a big dumb man would take a bite and look all around to see if anyone was looking, knowing full well that (HE) see's everything. Pretty t...
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    • asty, I wonder why? and then all hell breaks loose, Literally Hell, So now is the time for me to own up, as it were. I would stand right behind my woman and tell the Lord, Mighty tasty fruit, Lord. Knowing the Hell I would get if I said anything other than that, I can pray to him, Worship him, Walk hand in hand off into the the great eternal beyond, but I have to live with my significant other. Just a word from the Writer

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