Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Very good Post, Creation, July 23, 2011 copying and pasting , tried but " see more " interfered

Creation on a small scale is a wonderful, perplexing, time consuming, gratifying, soul fullfilling and really not easy at all. So, just imagine if you will for just a nano-second, Creation on a scale that boggles the mind. every little twist and turn to be expected and the unexpected that happens quite regularly and is to be considered a simple and 
 needed part of that Creation, no matter because our tiny little brain couldn't begin to fathom the complexities of Creating, And do you know why ? It's actually very simple , We as a people single , alone , together with others all these and any number of other possibilities. The reason is... Destruction, we are better at Destruction, wrecking, ruining taking apart with malice of thought, all these and any and all that you or I can think of is the norm for human beings on this planet. We actually laugh at destruction, think of someone falling and breaking any body part, we all laugh our Butts off, but (no pun ) try to create a safe path so as to not fall and it will always come up short. never will we as people be able to concieve of creating as something good when we have to spend to gain, give out all we have with thoughts of, What am I going to get, in return, The turn is towards the Higher Path, The Truth of what Creation holds for us as individuals . we as individuals will become one as a whole and for some reason that SCARES the hell out of us, I don't know why, nor do I understand it. I just write it. The Writer, just a bit of Creation of my own....                                                                                                                             

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