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A New Story : Working on a Title, but this story has Adventure, Evil against Good , Magic, Hero's, Minor Gods and Demons

I wrote this story sometime after, Little Paddle. It is very raw. Raw meaning , it has not been edited for anything, punctuation, quotation marks for conversation , I am glad for spell check. When you read, I will try to edit as best as possible. I would ask if you like the story or something particular , you tell me , the same as if you don't like something. Of course this story is not going to be for every one, if you have a certain story you would like to read , again, just tell me. If you think it sucks, just tell me , all I ask is that you tell me how and why and any other descriptive adjective about this story sucking so I can learn how to write and not suck. I will post more each day, I do not know if it will be 1000 words or 100 words as I go I will be fixing this story that I wrote and kind of lost it inside an old Lap Top and until recently I could not get the computer to work. I do hope you like the story. A working Title is... Akeega, the God of the Crystal Caves.

   My name is Akeega I am the whipping winds that blow through the Mountains, I am the soft sweet sound of the sea coming to land. I am one of many minor Gods and yet powerful, and have been a power in these mountains since before time has been recorded. I was put here for an eternity for having interest in the stories of Humans. Like the human Wizards , Merlin, Roland, Seimei, just to put a name to some. They all had power to play amongst the  lesser Gods but not quite powerful enough to deal with the many Demons which still roam this plane on earth.
   My curiosity began at the beginning of time and will continue until Man is either no more or finds a way to become one with his environs.
   I have been commanded to tell this story by those who command me. This is a story  has happened before and will undoubtedly happen again, maybe in this time and place, maybe in another. This is more than a story of one mans quest for love, and his place in time.
   Okay , this is the start , I hope you like it , and of course if you like it there will be more tomorrow. Well its tomorrow and I have a bit more for this story. I don't see any comments or even if someone ,anyone read this story, oh well after all it is only a story.
   This story takes place on a seemingly familiar Island, some many long centuries ago. The Gods like this Island for the very fact that it is an and can be watched without any outside influence, unless of course some outside influence is what the Gods deem, it needs to be, and who better than the Gods to influence the outcome.
   Countless Centuries have gone into the making of this story, from a time when small groups of peoples would stare up into the night sky and wonder. Would the sun would return the next day, what are those small lights up so high. Hunters and gatherers around a fire. The strongest making the rules. The strongest were not always the brightest, smartest,or the cleverest, sometimes not even the best thinkers, most could not even think past today and the food that would be eaten tomorrow, let alone a future where a man who could think about his  people's need's and the best way to achieve it. A smart man who with a small group of men that were loyal could rule over many, a Kingdom in the making. No, those kinds of men that would be rulers, leaders , their time has not come yet.
   One thing these first men did have in common with future rulers was a need to know what other's were doing, tribes that traded and bartered, tribes that would rather fight, kill and take. Learning new things, which in those days mostly meant killing with greater ease, killing was mostly for predators, hunting bigger game and being able to feed more. Later those predators became other tribes.
   As time went on and tribes grew , hunting alone was not enough to feed every one. So a need grew and farming was developed and at first raiding was the easiest way to get food for your growing tribe. Survival made for hunting predators whether those predators were human or animal became a time of discovery and how to protect your people and grow crops at the same time.
   Each year brought more people and more people meant more tribes and those bigger tribes were being rules by smarter men, the Elders, men that had enough bravery and sense to last longer than those who had bravery but not much sense. Smarter did not always mean nicer it just meant those men knew how to raid and kill those who got in his way. To his own people he was a leader and those who wanted to live followed him. Soon there were tribes and all were pretty equal in hunting and killing that it became necessary for the tribe elders, Shamans or Medicine men , men with not only sense but wisdom. Those men came together once a year . At first it was the elders and the strongest of their tribe to protect their elder, Then it became a test of strength with the strongest getting to decide what would happen the next year. Until the one year the very strongest and his elder asked if one man should rule all the other tribes. It was chaos , Brant and the elder Elon barely escaped. It took Brant with the aid of Elon four years to bring all the tribes into one. The Elders agreed to a Council, three Elders ,three of the strongest tribes leaders would be tested with trials of bravery and sense, the elders would then judge each from first to third to be on that council, the elders knew that being the strongest was good but without knowledge no man could be a  true leader and as long as they had that knowledge and shared it with each other there was really no need to worry what elder was on the council, because they had sense enough to rely on each other and kept that knowledge to themselves to be able to keep the strongest in line.
   It was decided that every year there would be a gathering. Bringing people together, all the people the elders and  the strongest. Contests were created and it was a matter of pride for the people of that tribe to have the strongest or the faster in their tribe.
   So every year after  Harvest every tribe small and large would come together and share what was grown what was caught and new discoveries . Plans were made for the next year as to who would host it and how it would go. Peoples were moving back and forth from village to village men and women were making families, moving from where they were born to a whole new village and a whole new way of life.Animals were being domesticated for work and for eating. Each new thing brought about new ways to make life easier . A system of monies was created and that is when things really changed. The crafts began from simple ones like farming and all things involved in farming. From irrigation to be able to bring water to needed areas to waste removal of human and animal waste. Banking was the highest of all the trades and to be able to be a banker you needed a special training , a banking school. Soon there were schools for everything and the bank had their fingers in every single one of them.
   The Guilds were created, Mining for gems for the very affluent , the Masters of those Guilds had there apprentices and it was money that helped you become an apprentice. Unless you were especially gifted in one or another Guild you were meant for hard labor and a special Guild was created for just that use. The Militia was created by the Bankers Guild and the Militia grew very large very fast. It did not take long for the Banking Guild to take advantage of the power they had created.
   Okay enough for now, I must go and do some work or else no one else will do it, be back later to write more, really hope you are enjoying this, I certainly am.
   Back again, really hope you are liking, but that's okay if you don't, after this one or maybe sooner I'll start another and maybe that one will be your cup of tea !
   So all these Guilds had power and wanted more and the way to do that was to create a system that help all knowledge to its founders. Guilds were the foundation of many small towns and although those Guilds brought the knowledge that each Guild had, that was as far as it went. A Guild Elder would elect only those members who were family or related to those in power, that way no new enterprise could go very far without the actual Guild recommendation. Eventually the Guilds became so powerful and wealthy off the backs of those who did all the actual work and no one could complain or they would end up discredited in the field they were supposed to be all knowing in, leading to forfeiture of everything they had worked all their life for.
 The first Guild made King was a puppet to the Guilds and from then on the Guilds made law to enforce the power of the Guilds and with the Militia now a governed entity became the Guilds army. Over the years each guild built schools to teach reading and writing for all those who were Guild born all others were subject to learning through their dealing with the Guilds and became a class system of who you were born to and what you had given to you, if you had nothing or a family that had nothing you were a worker and everything you had was subject to the Realms pleasure, the King saw to that.
   The very first King saw to it that the farmers , fishermen and all the lower trades which included everything that brought the realm monies to the Guilds. Land was the realms to be used as it saw fit, each parcel of land was barely big enough to bring food for the realm and the family that farmed the land. and
   Herald was young, he was a small boy with big bright blue eyes that seemed to get him in trouble when ever he watched the army take his families food and leave the last renderings of that years crop. His mother and father were not good farmers, many years he tried to get into the Iron Works Guild , his father before him was a Blacksmith as was his fathers father. Sten , Heralds father had no money to become a Guild apprentice. When he brought his claim to the local magistrate , which was realm government, he didn't stand a chance he never got to have his say in court and when he tried he was told either prison for not working for the realm or take a small parcel of land and farm it. At the time his wife was pregnant with Herald so he had no choice, he took what was offered and tried his best. The first years were hard but he managed to keep his head and stay out of prison and kept his family fed by hiding food so he and his small family could keep on living. When Herald was walking and talking but yet no use to the farm or his father , his mother Beth was going to have another baby. Herald didn't understand why the baby never cried when it was born. From then on the farm which barely fed them and with what they had to give each year was worse than ever. Herald saw things the way they were and no matter how sad or poor you were you still had longing for you and your family. He did not know why the army came and took away their land, it was so small but it was all they had. Herald's  Mother and Father dies in service to the realm and that was and saw no need to do anything different for this family when so many other families were able to give to the realm year after year, so why change for just one meaningless family.
   Protection from small bands of the army were available if you had something that could be traded, a wife willing to share her bed with a soldier a father willing to give himself for combat training. The realm would give the widow a pension when ever a husband dies in the service of the realm. It was to late for any of that for Heralds parents . Like many before and many after his parents were useful as long as they could give something to the realm , the Guilds, but now he had nothing. No parents , no land or house to live in and no relatives he knew of, only his dreams of the far away mountains. He had often dreamed of the mountains and what it might be like. Once he told his mother of his dreams of the mountain and how they seemed to call to him. His mother went white with fright and told him " what ever he did he should never ever go to the mountains, they hold demons and those who go there never come back".Now Herald thought , I have nothing so what can I lose ?  Nothing ?
   Herald knew this was the probably the end of everything he knew but what else was there, he could thing of nothing. In his dreams he knew there was something better, better for him or better for all, he was young yet and years before he would be called a man but the idea of being on his own with no one calling him to do others work, no master is what drove him on , on to the mountain and his end , probably be eaten by a demon .
   Many eyes watched the Isle of Calion.
Okay this is it for tonight. When I start tomorrow the story starts to get going. With Herald going to the Mountains , what will happen to him . Keep reading , Herald is just beginning when we start tomorrow. thanks for reading.
   Once again I am here writing a story, it is for the most part a readers story that enjoys action adventure with Demons and Gods. Sure there is more but behind the words of this story is meaning. It makes one think about how certain elements can be seen now as things are written about power and money and such. There will be more things that are in this story that are easily  recognizable as to whats happening now.
   So many eyes are watching Calion, one in particular. Akeega watched this young boy as he headed towards his mountain. Herald didn't seem to care that these mountains might be the end of him or that he might not even make it to the mountain. Herald was very young for this sort of trek. it was miles before he would get to the base of the mountain and to climb was not the sort of thing a young boy would normally do.
   Akeega could only sense these feelings from Herald he was still to far away to be able to clearly read his mind but Akeega knew for sure that Herald was coming and short of death nothing was going to stop him. Akeega might not be able to read Heralds mind yet but he could aid in his getting here. Helpg him choose the right path that would lead him to a good place to stop for sleep and also find a spot that had berries and such so Herald could keep his strength up as he traveled. When he did cross paths with people , they seemed quite eager to help young Herald even to the point of asking him if he had any living parents and telling him that he was far enough away from the reach of the realm and need be he could stay and work the farm for his keep. The Mountain was calling and Herald was listening , he heard the offers and thanked them kindly but he knew he must keep going, he didn't understand it all but knew something lie ahead for him , whether good or bad he was going all the way to the mountains. After what seemed like months on the road on small paths along a stream of small tributary of the river that flowed from Calion Mountain to the sea he was finally at the base of the mountain. From where he was right now , looking up and wondering the best way to get to the top put a bit of fear in Heralds heart, he never thought about what he would do when he actually got here , now that he was , and looking up seeing how big this mountain really was made Herald long for home and his parents. Night was quickly coming and the need of food and shelter brought Herald out of his reverie and back to the real world. Once again Akeegas help was there in the form  of a rabbit warren and not much later he had a brace of rabbits on a spit over a warm and inviting fire. Along the way he had been given a water carrier for his back, water was plentiful but to search for it would slow his progress and Akeega didn't know how much this boy actually had in him so any help was good help.
   Herald was full and warm and the spot he had taken to make his fire and have his meal was fast approaching his sleeping quarters. Once he was sure the fire was banked just right for the evening he lay out his blanket another gift from a passing stranger, he fell into a long strong sleep and had the most vivid dream he had ever had in his young life.
  Okay for now , I must get some chores done and check on my car and the new engine being built and then put in after the old engine is taken out, I am really stoked about this, see you later my wonderful readers.
   Dreams for Herald were a constant reminder that there is something more than just what is seen, and a man must be the master of his own domain, the ruler of his destiny. In this dream, Herald was a grown man with others at his command. People were following him as if he were a leader of some kind, everywhere he looked outstretched arms and hands reached for him as he went along. As he looked up ahead he saw roads leading to grand city. A Castle the likes he had never seen or imagined anywhere in his young life, Knights and men of Honor lined the road leading up towards the highest point in the Castle. As he went forward he saw Thrones , one was bigger than the other but both were the most beautiful chairs that were adorned with jewels , gold and silver. Now he was in a room with those very same Thrones and men and women all around. Knights in Armor ladies in silk and satin everything was as if he could have imagined sneaking a look at the inside of a Castle and what might be going on. Even in the largest city of Calion there was no Castle. There were large estates with even larger that life houses but no Castles. As dreams go and weirdness follows , he was now seated in the bigger throne and beside him a woman of such beauty that he could scarcely believe his eyes as to what he was seeing in his dream, as he looked at her she only stared straight ahead but in her profile he swore he would remember this face forever.
   The room was big enough for Tables that were filled with every kind of food he had ever dreamed of in real life, Deer, all kinds of Fowl, roasted Pig what seemed like Snake or Eel , so much food he had never that amount all in one place before. Looking about he saw men and women watching him, and waiting . In an alcove just next to him to the right of his Throne set into the alcove was a smaller niche and in that niche was  a Septer. The Septer was about six feet tall, at about five feet , red, blue and green jewels started at the bottom of the golden handle and etching up the rest of the handle until it stopped at an incredible sight. A crystal globe, eight inches in diameter with gold filigree highlighting a scene. Inside the globe was a blue inlay with a huge ruby that was flat on its top as if it had been perfectly cut off , maybe to make another grand trophy of the other left over piece. The scene on the globe encompassed the whole of the globe starting with an engraved crest with two horses facing each other, a man on a magnificent white steed holding a sword in one hand and the scepter in the other, on the other horse a beautiful black stallion, was a woman holding a sword in one hand and a hawk on the wrist of the other hand. The rest that followed was something of a blur but seemed like  scenes from battles with fire and water and such that he could not begin to understand it.
   The scepter seemed to grow in importance in his dream, it was gaining strength and started to glow with an awesome power. The power and glowing became one and into a gold glowing emblem of the crest on the globe, then the dream and the mountain became one with great ships crossing an ocean to the isle of Caleon. As he stood on the prow of the first ship he knew his destiny was to become the King of Caleon.
   Well I hope I have your attention, I have to stop now but will be back tonight. No rest for the weary. I don't know which is better , staying home no moving trying to deal with pain , or getting out moving and doing but being tired all the time and of coarse sore and hurting, but writing this story. I really do hope someone is reading it is MY DREAM to be read .
   So I see that three people have come to my Blog and maybe read the story or not, thank you so much for checking out my story. I will continue to write this story and watch to see if the number of people grows or shrinks or just stays the same, either way this story will continue, I will write just for me and go till the story ends. I know this type of story is not a cup of tea for many , so I will look through my many years of back logged writings and find other stories to write until I get one that draw a crowd, until then , here is more Akeega the God of this Mountain, the Mountain has a name that goes far in this story but I will not reveal it yet, that would be a spoiler !
   The King of Caleon ( changed the spelling so it would read  ( Cal - le - on ) not ( Cal - li - on ) , yet this is just a dream, Herald thought. It all seems so real , but I am a boy who would follow a boy. If I was a King no man woman or child would go through what I did and I am sure I am not the only one that has had misery and pain in their young life. All these leaders , all they want is to keep everything for themselves. Petty leaders using the weak as fodder and their own glory. If those same leaders could unite the people and let everyone have schooling to teach not only a trade but the knowledge of what life has to offer , not just work but the enjoyment of what can be built by people having a shared dream something that brings them together instead of pitting them against each other, one by one taking them apart until they feel as thought they are nothing, nothing to live for nothing for their children , to better themselves, to want to be better and help each other, bring together man and the land . All this and more was going through Heralds head as he dreamed, he now understood there was more but how to get it, he only knew he had to keep going until he found his answers. He needed to go further up the mountain .
   Now comes the test, I shall see what this boy is made of, Akeega gave a short laugh , it has been so very long since I have seen someone come and want to know if there is more to life. We shall see, Akeega knew others were watching as well !
 Okay for now , must go do some work and earn my keep , see you later !
   Back again, I am not sure how long I can keep up with writing two stories every day, I will try for a while, at least this story, Akeega is already written and all I am doing is fixing the text so the story flows better and of course the grammar needs to be edited for easier reading, so here goes, my first foray into writing two stories in one day, maybe one story one day and the other story the next, I just hope no one wants more Little Paddle the Platypus, the First story , not that I ever wrote , that would be the Whirlpool, I wrote in High School, but Little Paddle is the first story I ever completed and tried to get it sold through self publishing, if you ever want a hard lesson in publishing then self publish something you wrote, holy hell its a lesson and a half plus quite a bit of money. Let me start before I go on another rant !
   Herald woke with a start and didn't know where he was at first, but hat cleared when he saw the peak of the Mountain, he now knew this mountain was called Crystal Mountain, he had no idea how he knew that. What he did know was that he was going to the peak whatever it took he was going to the top and find out what was calling him .
   This will surely test this young boy, to come to the top of the mountain as high as any man has been before him and further still, to the very edge of the heavens and what mortal man knew of its boundaries.
   Herald climbed for hours and hours, that turned into days, days that stretched into weeks, living on roots bugs and small rodents, a Hare, here and there, with only a small knife that was his fathers he used every skill at his command, a small nook at night to stay out out the cold wind. After weeks he had a small cloak made from the skins of the animals that helped Herald survive this trek , and still the top looked ever so far away. There were no more dreams only the hard stone of the Mountain to bring sleep.
   When Herald had reached the very edge of his strength and endurance, Akeega gave the boy a present. A small cave where a bear had had a fight with another animal, the bear was freshly dead and Herald knew this to be a boon sent from some god just for him, he was grateful and prayed so. First he made a fire and took the bears heart and ate it roasted, the blood dripping down his chin and chest. Herald thought he never had a better meal and that thought made him cry, he was still a boy and missed his parents, even though the trials he had been through made him more of a man than many others. With a full belly comes sleep, a dreamless sleep.
   It was very hard work to skin a bear, yet with determination and help from a granite block he could keep his knife sharp. For the next three days he ate well slept well and at the end he had a coat that would keep him warm even in the highest regions of this mountain.
   With a full belly and a warm heart, Herald knew this was right for what ever would come will come and he will weather through, he knew he was on the right path , he just didn't know where that path was taking him, but for now he was alright and that much was good.
   Alright so that's it for tonight, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have writing it now and before.

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