Monday, July 20, 2020

Humility of Passion, by me, J.P. Sarno AKA... THE WRITER

                                       Humility of Passion

   It is sad , that such great men, come of late and dark. That great arguments have been settled by Humility of Passion. I have searched far and wide throughout my life and found few. OH ! you can be glad that they are not all gone, but it seems that their voice gets lost through Petulance and Arrogance of Contenders. Men who spoke of speaking softly and carrying a big stick, would have a stern warning of cooperation between lines, for the leaders of today. No grievance  would stay untouched, not contrary or indulgent, rather, passion of a higher truth, between what a man wants and what a men would be willing to give up to see a balance that all can abide.
   Please know I have a strong love of all men who are created from Star Dust and will return so. Our time is so brief that to squander it on, " I AM , So I say, to be sure, I am right and there is no other way " , is just unbelieving in self realization . Look closely at yourself, to your neighbors, to those you love the most, they all seek a truth, a safe and warmer world for your children and your children's children. So think on these people or better yet, a close friend to argue with, even if no cure can be found, just two friends knowing and trusting that each others heart and soul is sound .

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