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HORROR ; I started this story a couple of years back and there is a good start . Demons are a great source of Horror !

   In the clear cold, I breathe the air. All is frozen, even my care. Neither dark nor light , but still I see a cloud of vapor rising  when I breath. I am laid out on " Christ a slab but nothing else comes to view. I am naked but not cold, I want to scream to end this... dream ? I think I am dead but can't be sure so I scream instead !
   I am awake, I think, I am not sure. Dark. Night sweats stain my pillow, startled awake, my dreams need a cure.
   Thick fingers rake my scalp, combing my hair. I don't know whats worse, awake with dreams of torture or asleep, living the dream.
   No torn sheets, just ragged night clothes knotted tight against my chest, I'd run screaming out into the night but there is no explanation only dark. I rip the buttons and tear the sleeve of my night shirt as I try to untangle myself from this make shift noose, it ends up at the foot on my bed. I lay back down , now on my stomach and flip my stained pillow to the other side... can't breath, I wake with a groan, " Christ , is it morning already ! "
   His phone was vibrating and lighting up at the same time, " yeah, I see ya and I know its you Roxie, just no rest for the weary or wicked, I guess " Jax said to no one in particular. He had already decided not to answer it right now and pay the price later, when an image come into his head, his head on a silver platter, so very vivid it could only be on thing, Roxie giving me a subtle hint that if I didn't pick up and start the day in a Roxie way I would certainly pay the price later, maybe even an hour or two posed with my head on a platter with my body somewhere I didn't want to think about.
   Roxie was a Demon or more precisely  " The Demon "  she was the head demon with all the powers granted to am earthly Demon and you really didn't want to know even the half of it when it came to Roxie's power.
   I picked up the phone and caught her conversation with someone who was going to find out real quick you don't fool with Roxie. " Tortured souls my ass, its not just another party, get it done !  Good morning , Jax "
   Okay , so here is a small taste of this story , no name for it yet that will come later, questions , comments , yeah I bet, fire away and I'll try to do my best, hope you liked it, more to came, thanks
   So here we are again, this story is a hard one for me. I only have some lines written in a notebook that I thought would be a good story , maybe a Horror , with Demons, so I hope that I can grow a good story for you.
   " Good Morning , Roxie, I hear your already hard at work for the next party, its your annual , so your a Satanist now, party, isn't it ? " " Yes of course". Roxie rattled on, " but this year we have something special, something even you haven't seen". " Really?  , come on I've seen everything". " Not this, and something else, but I can't say just yet, so you'll have to wait just like everyone else, I'll need you to go to the Airport and make some pick-ups, alright, I'll send you the times , you'll have a couple of hours yet so there is something I want you to do before you go out to Kennedy, I want you to go to Bearder's and cut that son of a bitch's head off for me and bring it here , you understand !". " Okay, Roxie, you don't have to blow a fuse, I'll get right over there and as soon as I have his head I'll come to you, any special place or at the club ?" " I'll get right back to you on that, call me from Bearder's and I'll let you know where, and don't give me any shit , blow a fuse, your an asshole". And the line went dead. Wow, if she weren't a Demon disguised as a woman, a woman yeah and Shakira is just another Pin-up girl, Roxie is all woman , slightly reddish hair when it suits her, along with her eyes, her hair and sometimes even facial features change with her mood, whether on the chase for sex with one two or three men at once or forming a league of evil assassins to take care of her little chores that took to much time away from her real passion, seducing any and all to the call of Satan. I wonder what Bearder did to deserve being beheaded and brought before the Queen of evil, Roxie. Jax was already thinking to the beheading, how messy it was going to be and how much of a pain in the ass was Bearder going to be, he wouldn't die not right away at least, I think its a couple of months with a sort of holy water brine he would need to soak in with some special words thrown in just for safe measure so he wouldn't return until the end of days, but I know Bearder he is going to throw a hissy fit and I don't even know the reason why Roxie wants his head, all I do know is if I show up without his head in a Stetson Hat Box, Christ that means I've got to run down to J.J's. Hat Center and pick up another fifty Boxes , boy was last year a year for beheading, Human and Demon alike but unlike a Demon creation, humans didn't survive the process.
  Okay, so here is a bit more, I will try to keep up on this story, now I do have just one revision, like I said a story grows and with it things change right before your eyes or my eyes , so when Roxie is over heard saying , "Tortured souls my ass in just another party" I needed to change that to " not just another party " because as I wrote I needed a party that was more important, so now the party is an annual party with something special planned, and if the story works out the way I want everyone will appreciate the surprise, thanks for reading , more to come !
   Well another day and another dollar spent, certainly not saved. Okay, I want you to know how very hard this is, the other stories are basically done , I am just rewriting it , this story is coming out as I think and I think for shit , I really need to write something then fix it as I go, not go as I write. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't cry over not written words.
   Ashantae , or Shana to her friends and every one else, is a simple girl, a young beautiful girl not aware that she is a stunning light brown skin girl with some what high cheek bones and a small mostly upturned nose, but her most stunning feature was her gray eyes. Her eyes captured the light of day and brought it into focus so others that saw her would say she has a sort of light to her. Not to tall but certainly not short she always wore flats when she went out because she thought she was to tall. Her first class didn't start until 8 this morning but as usual she was up at dawn ran her 5 miles came back showered and studies her days lessons before her class. Theology is her Major but she thought being an Atheist made her studies easier. Her Father a Minister at Harlem Episcopal thought she would grow out of it, but even 15 years later after her Mom died she was more Atheist now than ever.
   Okay a new character this gives me a little time to create something that might work, hope you like her, I think shes pretty nice !
   Paul Standard is the T.A. for Religious Studies and lives in the same dorm as Ashantae. Almost every day he would leave notes for extra credit projects and what the next class will be studying. Ashantae knew he liked her and she definitely liked him but she had a problem with what everyone would say even if there was nothing to it. The one thing that Paul did have a problem with was Chuck Wrang the student program Manager. Chuck had a serious problem with the female student on Campus, he wanted to have sex with every single one of them by themselves or with others he didn't care . Paul just thought of him as a pig and had no qualms about telling him so, but Chuck had another problem , he didn't care what any one said about him. Chuck was a good looking young man, and he knew it. At times his heart was in the right place but his head would go towards getting a reward for him self if he could. He and Linda, Ashantae's room mate had , had a thing for a while until Linda found out he had taken an invite for a club that Linda wanted to go to , but it was by invite only and Chuck had taken it and took another girl , that was the end of Linda and Chuck. Linda knew the invitation was for Ashantae and Ashantae never knew about the invite. Linda knew Ashantae would never go to a club at all even if it weren't on a school night. So she had to come up with an excuse to get back at Chuck without Ashantae finding out it was about the invitation to the best club in town.
   Paul know about the club and not taking Linda, but taking an older woman who was certainly not a student. What Paul didn't know was that there had been other invitations to the same club for Ashantae, someone really wanted Ashantae to come to the club, Club Hell is the name and the owner is none other than Roxie. So Linda's plan to get back at Chuck through Paul, she didn't know how yet but she thought to herself she was good at screwing with people, she would come up with something, but for now she would keep her eyes open for another invitation. She knew that most of the time the mail would be in and waiting to be out into each mailbox while Ashantae was on her daily morning run. The problem was how many mornings would she have to be up early to see if an invitation had come. This was her lucky day, or so she thought. The Invitation was right there on top of the NYU paper and schedules of classes being held and those being canceled. She took her chance and hoped the person on the front desk wouldn't remember the invite, she grabbed it and hurried back to her and Ashantae's room before Ashantae came back from her run. Now Linda knew what she was going to do to punish Chuck. She would show the invite to Chuck right before hopping into a cab and going to the club all by herself.
   Okay for now , I've started to bring this around to where some people who are in Ashantae's life get in trouble and she will make some new friends that may or may not be true friends, we will find out together more to come !

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