Monday, November 23, 2020

" What If " Just Imagine If It All Turns Out To Be A " HIGH TRUTH "

      What If ?  Think on this. Just imagine , a tiny little stretch of the imagination , less than if you go see a Science Fiction Movie. What if it turns out to be a High Truth ? The All Everything , never created , never ending , Omnipotent , ever was , always will be, God of us all and all of everything.                                          It takes 250 million years for one complete Revolution of the Galaxy we live in and the Earth we live on is purported to be severely older than that. How much older, 100 revolutions ?  More ? Time & Space & Light created all by this Gods , " Word " Absolutely Unbelievable ... Not !  Truly Believable... Of Course !                                                                                                                                                                    Let us believe this is so , for now , and I will tell you what I know of this " What If " , and you can decide what is True and what You Believe.                                                                                                            What do we know of thousands of years, we can read about it, we can go to School for it and be personally involved in finding things that are from 1000 years ago or even 100,000 years ago but think about a 1,000,000 years ago or 1,000,000,000  years ago. Nothing can come close , even believing that 1,000,000,000 years ago things lived , well, long before that , God set forth and Created all from nothing . A  " Word " from God and all was set in motion. Beautiful Perfected Chaotic Balance of Everything. Planets, Stars, Suns and Moons, think of something , anything and it was in that " Word " which held all of everything. Gods plan was so simple and elegant that Poets have spent Millennia trying to imagine the right words to describe it, even the smallest of details  can be written about and need yards of paper to describe what is told in those few words.                                                                                                                 In the beginning , life was simple, single celled life forms and God knew from billions of Planets and even more Galaxies in an ever expanding Universe, life will happen and expand on itself and grow expotentially and have results only God could know and watch for. Fast forward 1,000,000,000,000 years and here we are. We look at ourselves as the Pinnacle of Human Knowledge and Advancement, Marvel and Execution and yet we have trouble with a simple concept of Loving others as we Love our self. We look at others and see a reflection of someone different from us because they live on the other side of the Planet. They live all the way over there and they look funny to us, get real they think we look as funny to them as we think they look. Reality check we all look funny to another, unless we are so stuck up and think of our self as so pretty and you be so ugly that it makes others want to walk away , shaking their head in disgust. All of this is a really fine example of how , as a group of humans have matured over the ages. We just can't be honest with our self , so why should we be honest with others.                                            Despite Geography , Sociology , Politics , and Religion , there are so many people who really try to do what is right , not only for those around us or those with whom we want to be like but for the sake of being good and wanting those things for our children. If you were to ask any person on this Earth what do they wish for , the majority of those asked would say, a better future for their children , more chances at happiness for them and then their children. When you get right down to it and speak of these four things I mentioned, Geography, Sociology, Politics and Religion , each one has its roots that it made by those in power. When each started they had a grand idea , that it might join together the people so that those , " In The Know " could control those who needed , not to know. Each person , was once said to not be an Island. That simple put is that each and every one of us needs each other . Not only is it easier when instead of one person striving , two people can live, or so it seems. Nothing is easy but with another you have someone to tell your worries to and share each day and Love each other, you have an awful hard time knowing Love without another.                                                                                                                               Three of the four things I mentioned has to do with Earthly things. Land and how it should be divided. Who is strong and who is weak and how should we use this to select people , so we can know who is good and who is bad. Then with Politics its almost the same as Sociology , we don't want to do anything about what is going on around us , whether its cleaning streets or regulating the size of a building lot , so all around the world we have Politicians to do that type of work for us, but little do we know its all a big sham , we give up the right to know whats going on right in front of us as well as the next block and then the rest of the way around the World. Most of what is done is done behind closed doors in what some might say is , " To Closed For Comfort " but Politicians will just say its for the good of the whole, when its the people who are the whole, but I digress. Religion is the only one of the four that is the people, still hidden by those who need secrecy to hold us in a grip of Religious fever. When it all comes down to one thing. Every Religion , known to man and still being practiced and those Religions that have been dead for centuries held the belief that their is at its Core, there is the " Unknown " the One , Father, Most High and the list goes on but the meaning is the same. All over the world for as long as Human beings looked up at the Stars and wondered , How, Why and most important... Who !  Who is behind all this and further still , all from different times, different places and different Peoples. All meaning the same thing but as I just said with differences in Time and Space but the same idea of an all knowing, all Intense, all things in one God.                                                                                                                                                                          So, God set forth in motion, " HIS " simply perfect plan to let life flow and flourish where it will, with Free Will , with Love available along with every other emotion that can be thought of , good , bad, evil or good thrown into the mix to see what comes from allowing Beings , ( I say beings , because I am including Civilization's that are millions of years ahead of use and of course, also , maybe , behind us ) . to be shown a path with every kind of pleasure, pain , Love and Hate, disease and every situation imaginable to find out what would be done if left alone to their own devises for perhaps millions of years or more then come and take a look at what we have done with all that was given us. Starting with the Cavemen and women , up to and then including all the years in between so the strong can be strong and Good or Vile, Bad or Forgiving , until the methods change because we grew, for Good and Bad we grew into Technology . Now there are whole new ways to treat people . Easier to Subjugate , Torture , Disenfranchise all those who say , No. No to War, No to taking children and turning them into Killing Machines, Little Girls into Women over night and against their will, and to Balance things out so good has the same chance as Bad. The Technology and people behind it to create systems to save all these people who are , The Minus People who have no one to see after their happiness and only Prayer to nourish them.                                                                                                                                                                        Now the scene is set and all things that have been put into motion have been played and the answer is in front of us. GOD awakens ! How long has GOD been asleep, if we can call what a GOD does , as sleep. From a slumber , Universe Deep and Wide, Millions of years, allowing us to be what we will be , not caring because , th Iought caught up with us and said if there is a GOD why would the World be this way , when it was us with our Free Will and assumption that we are the top of the Food Chain, the Apex of everything out there. GOD the willing Parent to Worlds of Beings let loose and choosing what will be , trying hard and not knowing that a Balance was put into place for our own good . Take a very close look around , at the Chaos that is all around, because we have no time to look at one another in the eyes and say, you are my Brother and I am yours, no matter where and what your circumstances are , I am there for you as I know you will be there for me. You will defend me , as I you , you hold my life as dear as your own, I will not succumb to Earthly Reality because I know there is a GOD out there watching us with Love for all , if only to ask and be .                                                                                                                          I see for myself the very small people we are, and at times, I worry. Then I see young men and young women who have made a place in this World where the Weak and undefended have Shelter. Where Powerful Money Interest's have hold, I see  Courageous young and old taking each others hands and Marching forward for a better Future... and I worry , just a bit less.                                                                                 GOD in what is know as Infinite Wisdom sees all and knows of those who have lead this fight , with Honor , Love and Courage. There may be hope , there may be Love , but always there is God and maybe in one more 250 Million year Revolution , we will be closer to the " ONE " God than we seem to be , Today.  with

                         I hope you have enjoyed this read, I am glad you have read it and even more so , glad I have written it, it is deep in my Heart , and my belief in the Balance of things. I believe in One God that allows us the Freedom , or Free Will if you like to be what we are  , but know that every  we do has a Balance of equal weight.                                                                                                             

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