Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Face Book Post's

out of every possible combination of words there are in the world, there are three that bring such joy to who ever hears them, that although they may be said in different languages , they are universally accepted as what they are , an invitation, these three words are, " I LOVE YOU " and will be accepted any where, any time.

winds blow, children cry, shutters slam on abandoned buildings. winds cry, children listen while empty houses shudder. children shudder while the wind blows through their empty crying.

while the surface of a body of water might be smooth , and clear , and might even reflect what it is shown, it is still only the surface , and can't give , what isn't sought after                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
belief in ones self is the start to believing in something bigger than ones self.
what in life , makes us look at our selves as though we are the ones who had a hand in creating anything around us, when deep down either we know or just wont except the fact that we are in the palm of the hand who guides us .
if finding means looking and looking means curiosity and curiosity killed the cat i guess i'm glad i have only one life and not nine , because i'd hate to be killed just for being curious
bright sunlight burns,where its light settles on the road. etching waves like a rushing tide,not along the horizon towards the shallows, but skyward towards the everlasting heavens.
broad days that shine,sheltered inside the day cannot be. shining against eyes ,the blurred vision of life is present,catching a glimpse takes only a glance, but looking slows. long, slow warm summer days lead to peace, winters cold embrace ,is only to close

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