Tuesday, December 31, 2019

So maybe I needed to tell every one that Little Paddle is a children's story. A child of about 10 and above could read this book and understand it all, mostly , I like the idea of a parent reading this book to their child or children. The story is a beautiful thing, about a Platypus family that starts off with just Momma and Poppa wanting a family. So what does that entail ?  Two loving Platypus , check. A Home for them to start, check. Children, on their way. Love for their children, check, even if  their children are special needs ? Check. If you have children, and would like them to read , this is a good book for them to start with, even below a 10 year old would need just a little help and with the illustrations the story does come to life. Lulu.com has this book as an eBook and it does not have the illustrations in it, if that is a cause for not getting the book, post something to me and I can find a way to get some illustrations to you, you can see them all in order on my blog, littlepaddle.com. I hope you will consider this, because I know children will like this story very much. 
  So now if you are into an action adventure with a Hero, of course. Demons, A God that was trapped by the Demon in a Crystal Cave . A Witch that seduced a Knight years before and now the young man the Knight is bringing to the Crystal Cave island is his son and the knight does not know it, yet. Much more , a fast paced read for young and old alike, if that kind of book is interesting to you please post so and I will post the beginning of the book to see if you interest is peaked.
thank you, THE VWRITER

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