Wednesday, December 11, 2019

For better or Worse

So, how far have I come. The distance between galaxies is a tear drop compared to how far I have yet to come on this blog. I am such a sorry sort of sac- row-illi-ac that if you were to set up the smello-vision, you could , from where you are. Oh well, as with time , so must I, march on that is. Now , if you have a pleasure to see how sad this blog is ( the post's are funny , eh  ) you can now, finally type in and the blog theme I have chosen ( I will change at a later date, say may, Yeah ! MAY never come ) will come up and dazzle you, I am still trying again and again, you know trial and error my partner's ever ready to have me try again, at some point like the broken clock I will be correct at least once then by nature and accident I may be correct again so that littlepaddle will have his cover and pictures and a place  ( my story ) for the finish of the first section of little paddle the platypus will come close to his first day outing. Please have faith, don't hold your breath just imagine how much you are going to enjoy reading the rest of what I started such a long time ago. I truly thought I would be done by now and started to figure out how I was going to attract people to my blog, but that as they say ( I don't know who they are yet ) leave it for another day.

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