Sunday, December 29, 2019

Little Paddle tries to help but gets caught and trapped

Little Paddle was enjoying everything so much, he had stopped for a moment to think of his family back at Father Oak , maybe a party when he and Poppa got back from his First Day Outing, which by now was certainly an adventure, and a smile came to his face. Poppa was watching Little Paddle, seeing a smile come to his face, he stepped forward to come to Little Paddle and saw something he hoped he would never see in Sunset Rock, Upright's ! Little Paddle saw them too !  Even as young as Little Paddle was he knew he is the son of an Elder Platypus and must think of what to do, he must take action. Little Paddle will make the Upright's follow him so Poppa and the Beaver family will be safe. Going a bit further than he should he was certain that he was helping, but no sooner than getting a bit further, Slam ! He was caught in an Upright trap.                                                                                                                                                           

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